How I Built A Seasonal Restaurant To Make Over $1 MILLION Dollars In Sales In Just 4 MONTHS Out Of The Year...
eBook + Finance Tools + Audio Guide
Everything you need to AVOID the biggest financial mistakes as a Restaurant Owner/Manager, reduce your cost and dominate your market! 
We've all been there...

Sue just called in, asking for a day off on none other than a busy Saturday.

Or the local delivery truck broke down unexpectedly and now you are not getting your shipment in time for today.

Sometimes, there are these depressing days where it feels like not a single person is entering your restaurant...

And then, there are other days where you literally don't know how to handle or manage the demand.

Or Joe, your manager, has messed up yet another order and you have to hurry to get to work today, missing your daughter's birthday party.

And you realize yet again, your kids are growing up without you... 

You constantly feel like you are just spinning your wheels!

You stare at your bank statement and wonder why the dollars in your checking account doesn't reflect your month's hard work.

You've imagined life as a successful restaurant owner SO different.  
"I wanted to build something I could be proud of that also allowed me to live life on my own terms."
At times it's almost laughable just to think of it.
The somewhat glamorous dream you once had... 

It's almost a bittersweet joke, that you still think about in morning hours.

You know what I'm going to tell you...
It's not supposed to be this way.
It does not NEED to be this way!
Though, before you shake your head and click away, 

Hear me out.

I have been there. 

I know how it feels.


I have spent over 18 YEARS in this industry.
And if there is ONE THING I have learned...

One thing - that separates the wealthy and successful restaurant owners,

From the ones just barely making ends meet and steps away from filing bankruptcy.
If you want to get out from underneath those rocks you feel like you've been buried under...

I would highly recommend to you to check out the exact methods and strategies I used to go from struggling restaurant owner...

To reaching over $1 Million in sales in a 4 month period. 

I packed all of these financial strategies I've learned over 18 years, into an eBook,  Downloadable TOOLS and audio tutorials.

I'd like to introduce you to...

96 Page eBook with Actionable Steps You Can Start TODAY!
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And I will show you how I built a seasonal restaurant to make over $1 MILLION dollars in sales in just 4 MONTHS out of the year!

{And how I had a BLAST doing it ;)}

You will also learn how to: 
  •  Avoid the biggest financial mistakes!
  •  Significantly LOWER your entire Food, Beverage and Labor Cost!
  •  Surprising tactics employees use that can cost you thousands of dollars!
  •  Unique success formula to create a menu that ROCKS PROFITS!
  •  Effective and efficient systems to control inventory and save $$$!
  •   The best methods to prevent employee theft!
What others are saying...
"You've probably heard 90% of all restaurants fail, and those that succeed came across that mysterious X factor, right? 

Wrong! A man of many hats—money-guy, restaurant owner, and restaurant consultant—Roger Beaudoin shows how a restaurant can thrive in its climate and keep diners coming back for years. 

Featuring real-life start-up stories (including many of Roger's own), this comprehensive how-to walks readers through the logistics of a restaurant: concept, location, menu, ambiance, staff, and, most important, profit!"

- Oscar
Stop feeling powerless.

Stop feeling overwhelmed.

Stop feeling out of control.

Let me help you put yourself back into that driver's seat. 

And start preparing for the successful future of YOUR restaurant.

A future, 
That honors the one you've dreamed of when you first got into this business.

I know ;).

I've been there too.

I've got you. 

Let's do this.

~ Roger Beaudoin
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